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A recent ad campaign for an educational program at my work asked: “What would you do if you had time to think?”

I now find myself faced with that same question, as I enjoy some time off before starting a new job on  July 1st. Faced with the luxury of time, laid out before me in all its splendor, I do what any sane person would do, I write lists.


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Time. Time is a mysterious and magical entity. It speeds up and slows down at whim, making minutes seem like hours and months seem like days. How is it that waking from a short nap can feel like emerging from underwater, yet a night’s sleep can leave you struggling to understand how it is already morning when you just lay your head down on the pillow.


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Garlic in Provence

A new post for a new year (Jewish calendar), a new home and a new phase in my life. I have neglected you, dear readers, over the past few months, as I have worked hard to close several chapters in my life and open several new ones. Over the past six weeks I have finished my Master’s degree, completed a course to become an Aerobics Instructor, packed up our lives and possessions into neatly double-taped boxes and moved home.


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Sometimes, not very often but every now and then, I really really miss living in England.  It might hit me after a burning hot week, when stepping outside is reminiscent of stepping into a furnace. As the sweat slowly starts to trickle, I daydream of lush green gardens, Kenwood Park, that lovely damp smell after the rain, RAIN, wild daisies, late sunsets and the unmistakably English summer sound of tennis being played outdoors.


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Orange Crisps

Ah, the trials and tribulations of baking and cooking are plentiful. Ninja says I am never happy with what I create in the kitchen. I always think it hasn’t come out well: I’ve burned it, I’ve ruined it, I am disappointed with the way it looks, or the way it sank in the middle.

“I can’t serve this, I am not serving this,” I declare frequently, when preparing for a meal with friends. Ninja rolls his eyes and reassures me that it is delicious (or so he says) or that it looks fine, and I should stop being so silly. Nine times out of ten I do serve it, whatever it may be that week, everyone likes it, and I forget about my earlier crisis of confidence.


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parmesan and poppy biscuits

Last week was a baking blitz. I spent hours upon hours in the kitchen, preparing for a small family goodbye party. My only brother, his wife and three adorable children  are going back to England for a few years. They are going to do important community work there and I am very proud of them, but they will leave a big hole behind them.

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Simple Pleasures…

Simple pleasures

In this hectic and often complicated life, it is a huge comfort to find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Inspired by Christina of Soul Aperture , one of a number of beautiful and inspiring blogs I have come across recently, I am sharing some of the simple things in life that make me truly happy…

 * the smell of freshly-washed hair

* the magical way light falls before the sun sets

* being silly with my husband and laughing and laughing

* a field of wild flowers

* when my nieces and nephews make me laugh

* swimming

* a good piece of chocolate

* a song on the radio that makes me dance

* feeding people good food

* the desert at night

* looking at my childhood photo albums

* early mornings before the world wakes up

* smiling with my eyes

 * taking a beautiful photograph

What are yours? Please share…

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