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Welcome back to me after an eleven month  hiatus from these pages.  Hello Readers. Are you still out there? I’m back. I’m back but things have changed around here. I’ve changed. Last time I wrote I was absorbed in a muffin-making frenzy, preparing for an onslaught of extreme expected hunger. I’m now the proud mama of a ten-month old baby boy. Indeed, I baked all of those muffins, I ate all of those muffins, I eventually got rid of the excess weight caused by those muffins and I’m still here to tell the tale.


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Time. Time is a mysterious and magical entity. It speeds up and slows down at whim, making minutes seem like hours and months seem like days. How is it that waking from a short nap can feel like emerging from underwater, yet a night’s sleep can leave you struggling to understand how it is already morning when you just lay your head down on the pillow.


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Garlic in Provence

A new post for a new year (Jewish calendar), a new home and a new phase in my life. I have neglected you, dear readers, over the past few months, as I have worked hard to close several chapters in my life and open several new ones. Over the past six weeks I have finished my Master’s degree, completed a course to become an Aerobics Instructor, packed up our lives and possessions into neatly double-taped boxes and moved home.


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parmesan and poppy biscuits

Last week was a baking blitz. I spent hours upon hours in the kitchen, preparing for a small family goodbye party. My only brother, his wife and three adorable children  are going back to England for a few years. They are going to do important community work there and I am very proud of them, but they will leave a big hole behind them.

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Simple Pleasures…

Simple pleasures

In this hectic and often complicated life, it is a huge comfort to find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Inspired by Christina of Soul Aperture , one of a number of beautiful and inspiring blogs I have come across recently, I am sharing some of the simple things in life that make me truly happy…

 * the smell of freshly-washed hair

* the magical way light falls before the sun sets

* being silly with my husband and laughing and laughing

* a field of wild flowers

* when my nieces and nephews make me laugh

* swimming

* a good piece of chocolate

* a song on the radio that makes me dance

* feeding people good food

* the desert at night

* looking at my childhood photo albums

* early mornings before the world wakes up

* smiling with my eyes

 * taking a beautiful photograph

What are yours? Please share…

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Deliciousness in a bowl

Deliciousness in a bowl

Friday was a busy day. We hopped from parental visits  to a birthday brunch and back home again to prepare our shabbat evening meal. My parents took us out for coffee to a local park, where we stumbled across a farmer’s market. We happily sampled sweet little cherry tomatoes, crusty bread and tempting home-made cheeses (where Ninja lingered longingly but didn’t buy), luscious figs, crisp apples, lovely thick celery and cherries that were too expensive for the likes of us. We restrained ourselves and left with some organic cucumbers, a tub of pickles for Ninja (Me: “Pickles are cucumber’s evil cousin”), a few bunches of pink and white lisianthus and a huge punnet of fresh apricots.

Apricots from the Farmer's Market

Apricots from the Farmer's Market


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Being a newlywed (eight months still counts, right?) isn’t always easy. There are so many things to get used to and so much work to be done – becoming more tolerant, more patient, less irritable, less irritating…

Etan and I did not live together before we got married so we are still getting used to the day-to-day issues of sharing each other’s personal space. From tucking in the shower curtain so the bathroom floor doesn’t get soaked to controlling the urge to yell from another room, (or worse, from the toilet) – we are all learning new things.  Actually, we do pretty well, mainly because Etan doesn’t give me too hard a time about being a control freak. Still, there are some issues which I’m not yet sure how to reslove.

One thing in particualr has been bothering us recently, and it can’t only be us – this MUST be something other couples deal with. It happens something like this…

 Etan: (in front of the tv) I’m REALLY tired
Jo (in front of the computer): ok. I’m not done yet. I still have to finish my homework, make up an aerobics routine, do something on Facebook and bake a cake. So – I should be about half a hour.
Etan: ok
Etan: ok, I’m falling asleep on the sofa, I have to go to bed.
Jo: Ok, so you go and I’ll join you soon. I’m almost done
Etan: but I want to go to bed WITH you…

 Then one of 3 things can happen:

1)      I come to bed, despite not having finished whatever it was I wanted to do,  probably annoyed.

2)      Etan goes to bed without me and we’re both a bit sad.

3)      Etan waits up for me and then he’s really tired the next day

So..what to do? Answers on a postcard please. I just seem to wake up late at night…How do other people who share a bed deal with entirely diferent energy cycles?

small feet

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