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Every Friday, Ninja and I bake bread (and break bread) together. Not just any old bread, but delicious challah,  plaited bread traditionally eaten by Jews on shabbat.

We have a nice routine worked out. I go to aerobics at 08:30am, usually leaving Ninja still in bed, and by the time I get back, he has done all the hard work, and there is a bowl of dough rising. By the time I have showered, it is ready to plait, which we do side-by-side, on a floured counter. We each make three small loaves, and I try my best not to prod and poke Ninja’s and just focus on my own.  Anyway, he is very good and certainly chief  bread baker in our house.

After making the challot this Friday, I spent a few more hours in the kitchen pre-preparing various delicacies (we had guests for dinner) including perfect tiny pears sautéed in brown sugar, cinnamon and cardamom, to be served in a salad with baby greens, Roquefort and walnuts;  berry and  mango coulis, for drizzling over home-made meringue nests filled with a light whipped fromage frais; and last but not least, sangria made with fresh fruit, ginger ale and red wine, which tasted like a balmy evening somewhere in Spain.
Mouth-watering pictures below…


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