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This seemed to me a perfect soup for an Israeli summer: it involves minimal work, is an attractive colour and has refreshing flavours. The soup is supposed to be made with dark green zucchini but I could only find the pale ones…I’m not sure what difference this may have made to the flavour but it was still yummy. Ricotta is quite expensive here in Israel, so I exchanged it for what we call ‘Gvina levana’ a white, low-fat cheese similar to fromage frais, making the soup both healthier and more economical.

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My suspicion that summer is almost upon us was confirmed this morning at 8am when I saw a teenage girl eating an ice lolly on her way to school. In Israel our summers are long and relentless. They start around May and continue well into October. The relentless part hasn’t really kicked in yet – for now it is still mainly pleasant – but it will hit us in the next few weeks, I’m sure.

 To kick off the summer season as I mean to go on, I made gazpacho for lunch this Shabbat. I remember eating gazpacho for the first time as a child on holiday with my parents in Spain. I didn’t like the strong flavour, and I was cross that the soup was cold. Everyone knows that soup is supposed to be hot! That childhood reticence for gazpacho stayed with me until about a year ago when I decided that my taste buds might have matured over the last fifteen years and I was ready to give it another go. So this week I made it for the first time, relying on my trusty Moosewood cookbook to deliver a good recipe, which indeed it did.

At lunch a gazpacho-discussion ensued and I learned that people like their gazpacho every which way. S&D make theirs very spicy and with a high ratio of onions and garlic to everything else, and G, who eats hers for breakfast, adds a secret ingredient which makes the soup deliciously crunchy. I’ll ask her if I can reveal it here.


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