Poached Pears

‘Tis the season to be jolly….yes, even in Israel, wintry festiveness has settled upon us (in the form of Channukah, festival of lights) and we are indulging in donuts, latkes, and other seasonal delights. Personally, I find myself missing the mince pies…

Happily, these pears went some way towards fulfilling that craving. Warm, spicy, rich and comforting, a perfect dessert for a chilly winter’s evening. Suprisingly easy to prepare, the best thing about them is the steaming mulled wine left over once you have served the pears.
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More colours of autumn..pitter pattering on my doorstep. I like the smell after the rain, I want to gulp it down.

autumn winter

autumn winter

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Time. Time is a mysterious and magical entity. It speeds up and slows down at whim, making minutes seem like hours and months seem like days. How is it that waking from a short nap can feel like emerging from underwater, yet a night’s sleep can leave you struggling to understand how it is already morning when you just lay your head down on the pillow.

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Roasted Garlic Spread

Garlic in Provence

A new post for a new year (Jewish calendar), a new home and a new phase in my life. I have neglected you, dear readers, over the past few months, as I have worked hard to close several chapters in my life and open several new ones. Over the past six weeks I have finished my Master’s degree, completed a course to become an Aerobics Instructor, packed up our lives and possessions into neatly double-taped boxes and moved home.

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Wined, Dined and Pedicured

Grapes on the vine

 You may have noticed that I haven’t been very present here recently. I am forcing myself to stay away from my blog for a short while because, despite the pleasure it brings me, sometimes in life we  just need to prioritize. When there are only 24 hours in the day, and at the moment most are spent writing papers, preparing for exams, practicing aerobics, and a few sleeping and eating, there isn’t much time for the delights of blogging.

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Sometimes, not very often but every now and then, I really really miss living in England.  It might hit me after a burning hot week, when stepping outside is reminiscent of stepping into a furnace. As the sweat slowly starts to trickle, I daydream of lush green gardens, Kenwood Park, that lovely damp smell after the rain, RAIN, wild daisies, late sunsets and the unmistakably English summer sound of tennis being played outdoors.

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Zucchini 1

A simple but delicious idea for the beginning of the week…

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