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Like little Sea shells

Its 01:42am – I have just finished doing my homework for the night. Instead of having my nose buried in an American Jewish History book, as is my official homework pastime, I have been jumping around, composing two short Aerobics routines due for class on Monday. This reminds me that I haven’t yet shared with you (those readers who don’t know me – and I hope that there are some) what it is that I do in life.

I actually do several things: I work (around 60% of the time) in an Institute for Educational Leadership; I am nearing the end of an MA in Contemporary Jewry (the degree has taken me three years and I can literally smell freedom around the corner…its driving me insane); and I recently began a six-month course (10 hours per week) to become an Instructor of Aerobics, Strengthening and Toning. Hence the JUMP in EatLoveJump. The course involves both practice and theory: anatomy, physiology, sports injuries, nutrition and kinesiology. Yes, I am a very busy girl at the moment but I feel blessed to be stimulated in so many different ways.


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